Night Vale's coffee

My boyfriend is trapped in a desert world with giant people

Flambée brandy and sugar in Rüdesheimer cup to dissolve sugar. Add hot coffee and top
with whipped cream; garnish.

Sweet ice in the sand wastes

Two shots of espresso, chilled immediately after brewing and mixed with sweetened cream

Feral Dog/Plastic bag

Milk is foamed directly into the espresso cup, which is then put under the coffee outlet.
The espresso is then drawn into the cup. Cocoa is then sprinkled over the drink

That darn thing in the sky at night w/ leaf design

Made in a small cup, contains two espresso shots, and is often
finished with latte art

Shared Sentience/ the Scientist

Brewed with a small metal Vietnamese drip filter into a cup containing the condensed
milk. The condensed milk and coffee are stirred together and then poured over the ice.

Excited drowning

Topping a drink or dessert with espresso, may also incorporate caramel sauce or chocolate sauce.

Cecil blend

Cecil's daily blend. must be an intern or Cecil to order


Condensed milk is added to the espresso. For visual effect, a glass is used, and the condensed milk is added slowly to
sink underneath the coffee